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Ever since my teacher in high school told me I could never be a published author something sparked within me and it became one of my passions!

Writing is a part of who I am and I have learned and continue to learn the art of writing as I go.

I love the sense of adventure with magic intertwined, intriguing characters and mystical creatures, it must be the Sagittarius in me.

Explains why I was inspired to write my fantasy fiction book titled; Thea Heffield and the World Beyond the Spyglass. The first book of the series for Teens and Adults! 

*The second book is currently in the editing phase.*

Other than just my love for writing I enjoy going for walks while taking in the scenery around me and listening to my favorite beats, chocolate is my go to guilty pleasure as well as binge watching The Office over a hundred times! 

Although I have written fantasy, I consider myself a multi-genre author since on the side of the Thea Heffield Series, I am writing a children's picture book and an adult thriller. I also plan to write adventure fiction, western and so much more.

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