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Chapter Eight: God Completely Shifted My Life

Updated: May 23, 2023

Since I came into Faith things shifted for me. My dreams and goals completely changed. Before I wanted the big fancy life, huge mansions so huge that it would take five to ten minutes to go through out the whole house and fancy cars and a fast paced life. Nothing wrong in wanting all of that but once I came to faith a huge desire of the simple life overcame me and settled within my heart for good. It was a complete flip from what I once wanted. Now was this a shock? Not really. Why? because my husband and I talked about the simple life many times but the temptation of everything else was too strong to really notice, but now God has brought to the surface of what my husband and I truly desire.

What's the simple life?

To only have of what you need, minimize the things we have that we never use or look at, a house that is just big enough for my husband and I and future children where it's not too small where everyone is crammed and can't get away from each other to breath and not too big where it's not cozy and too much space that we don't know what to do with. To us the simple life is where we focus on doing what we love and are happy with where we are and grateful for the things we do have and will come to have. Where we live on an acreage with a garden and focus on living quietly and not so fast paced.

My husband and I came to realize that the fast pace life we were living was actually pulling us apart as husband and wife and in our own personal lives. No one would know but we were unhappy for sometime, while not realizing why until we sat down with each other and asked ourselves what is it we truly want in life. We actually asked this question many times and always answered with half truths. We worried too much of what others thought and our minds kept playing the "I should be doing this" game because that's what others wanted for us or that we "should" be doing something we weren't really wanting to do. Silently and together we kept fantasizing about the slow pace of life where we can focus on each other more, our families etc. God has constantly been telling me to pursue a career in helping others and I know it's the same for my husband in his own wonderful way with mechanics. Finally I prayed to God asking him to show us what life he wants for us to thrive in and truly be joyful in living. He didn't answer right away and I was expecting there to be a sign outside clearly showing me the obvious or someone calls me right that second and says just the right things. But how he actually did his work was having me and my husband sit down again and this time he had me ask, "Without anyone's opinion what do we truly want out of life? Without anyone's expectations or pressure and without the should ofs, and when we think of a joyful life what does it look like?" Finally we both answered honestly and we felt an immense joy in our hearts and I knew this was God telling us to follow how we feel in our hearts.

I know sometimes we hear people say to be careful with following your heart and to have logic behind it but we must remember that we can't always be too careful or we won't take any risks that could lead us to a life of joy and freedom. I trust in God for the path he has paved for us and willing to walk down it.

Since God has shown us, it has brought my husband and I closer together and happier.

Before I came to Faith, I wanted such different things that didn't fulfill me because they were selfish needs. Do I want my dream vehicle still? Of course I do but I'd rather focus on helping others in the way God calls me to do as well.

It's amazing how God works. He first put's you in a battlefield full of trial and error to then come out of it and see what you really should be fighting for and going after. As they say he works in mysterious ways, rarely ever is it in the way we thought it would be. I never thought I would come to faith. One of the massive trials he put me through was of not believing in him, to then coming back full circle in believing in him so I could share my testimony with others and not only that but to become baptized, I sometimes chuckle at myself thinking how strongly I was against it. Another trial I went through was battling depression that brought me to rock bottom and now God is calling me to help others overcome their own battle with it just as I have. I have faced many other trials just as you probably have but just remember that battle you are going through may just be a part of a calling you need to fulfill in helping someone else.

Share in the comments of a time God completely shifted your world.

I'd love to read it!

Reminder: That this blog and these posts are my own opinion, beliefs and journey and you don't have to apply anything that I have shared. I am just sharing what I have and am experiencing.

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Leah Braun
Leah Braun
Apr 13, 2023

I love reading your journey!! When you mentioned the immense joy you and your husband felt when you realized Gods purpose for you each, and as a couple, I got goosebumps! the peace He gives when we are following Him is unmeasurable! His plans are for us to prosper and conquer, and he absolutely uses our trials to help others! In my journey through abuse, divorce, single parenting, and relying on God, I have been able to encourage others through my own trials. it builds us up and brings us closer together!

Kaylee Buckingham
Kaylee Buckingham
Apr 14, 2023
Replying to

You have an amazing story to share with others! We all learn from our own trials as well that can give us hope as much as learning from someone else!

I am glad you have been enjoying my journey which is why I share my journey in hopes it uplifts others while they are experiencing their own journey.

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