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For Aspiring Writers

Quick Tips

Who better to learn from than a current Writer who is new to this field and is learning along the way! Kaylee shares in short paragraphs (Quick Tips) below of what has helped her with writers block, gaining motivation, staying consistent, disciplined and any helpful tips that have come through the journey of writing and hopes with what she has learned, can help you too!

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📖Re-reading can be the best way to cure writers block!

You may not want to re-read your own book again and again and I don’t blame you it can be really annoying and tiring.

But it can spark new ideas as you read, find plot holes to fix, or find a spot where you want to incorporate an idea you forgot in your notes! As well as help with remembering what you have written and how you can continue the story.

Write down a short list of what has helped you in the past even if its only one or two things, when it comes to writers block and once you have that list, keep it near you for when it happens again to look back on, because we all know it will come back if we like it or not lol

Five Ways to Get Inspired to Write.png

These are Five Things that help me to get inspired when it has burned out or simply just don't feel motivated.

Here is what has helped me that could potentially help you!

  1. I Listen to music that relates to my characters as if they have their own soundtrack. Ill listen to music with words or instrumental that sparks my imagination. I have a playlist on my Spotify that is designated to my book. (Ill either listen to it at home, go for a walk or go for a drive)

  2. Talk about it. I will share what I plan to write, my ideas etc to my husband who gets to know all the secrets and golden info on my books.  (Pick someone you trust with your book ideas and that they will keep it confidential) When I talk about it more ideas have come to me and have helped me see any plot holes (Or he would point them out) and pumps me up to go and write! Even at times he will suggest ideas because he can get really into it and if I think it fits with my books I'll put it in which I have in Thea Heffield and the World Beyond the spyglass. It can also help with keeping you accountable.

  3. Pinterest! Yes Pinterest of course! Pinterest is my favorite place when it comes to searching up character design ideas, world building, items and more! 

  4. Read books that are the same genre as your own. It can really inspire you when reading another authors work and as a writer we can be amazed by other writers minds and how they write it, that can also help us learn from them and write better. It has inspired me to want to get back in to writing my own book.

  5. Write out your goal(s) and have incentives that will push you to keep writing. For example: Say I wanted to write 10,000 words in five days, super achievable but also a push to write 2.000 words everyday and my incentive would be to buy something I really wanted for awhile, date night with my husband, or anything that would push me enough that once I achieved it I would get the thing I wanted but of course if I didn't achieve it I would not be able to get it and I can't let myself get it anyway because then it will ruin my motivation to want to write the next time.

Hope this will add value to you in your writing journey! 

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Change it up!

A way to get out of the Writers slump that has helped me and that could help you:

  • Change your workspace. It' simply just getting out of your traditional same old same old workspace. You got to change it up once in awhile. If you usually write in your office space at home, maybe go to a different spot in the house like at the dinner table or like for me I go downstairs sit in my comfy recliner, put the fireplace on and write. Some like to go to the coffee shop or sit outside on their front porch. This can help inspire more ideas or be in mood to write, or sometimes it can force you to write because moving all your writing equipment is a job in its self lol.

  • Write out of Order. Another effective way that has worked for me is writing a different chapter in the manuscript rather than going in order, I'll write a random chapter I know I want in the book and will put the number to the chapter later when it makes sense of where to place it. As well as writing your last chapter and knowing how it will end can help in a big way! Such as getting you out of writers block or even help you remember where the story is going.

  • Treat yourself.  I have seen other authors and writers treat themselves to buying a new keyboard (If it makes sense to) that have inspired them to write and use their new and fresh keyboard and if you are able than buy yourself one and I bet you'll definitely want to start writing away with it! This can also work with getting a new notebook or a special pen.

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