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Chapter Nine: God Answers

There has been many times where we have wondered if God really answers us haven't we?

I sure have, and that's what I'm going to share with you today. Since I have started my Spiritual Journey with God I have experienced the power of prayer and the unique ways he has answered me.

First I would like to apologize for not posting lately but I like to post when I feel urged to by our Heavenly Father and the other day I felt an urge to share these experiences with you because you may need to read what I have to say that could be an answer you have been praying to God about, but I don't really know if that is what you need but this can also help your faith or to just feel like you can relate to my experiences that could potentially help you in whatever area you are facing right now. Either way I hope this resonates with you in someway.

Lately I have been writing my prayers to God in a journal, it helps me organize my thoughts and just to let me pour out every feeling and thought I have that helps me get rid of that pull or ache in my chest. Do you ever get that when you have too much to think about or overwhelmed with the thoughts that run rampant in your mind?

Well I sure do and I found writing it all down helps. A few days ago I felt I should pour my heart out on to my prayer journal. Although I was struggling with a thought that said God doesn't want to hear all my problems and to dump everything on to him. But I did it anyway because I know that God wants me to be honest with him, even if he already knows what is troubling me, he wants me to come to him. So I did. I wrote down what was laying heavy on my heart. I won't share word for word since it is private but the main thing I was telling him was that I was trying my best to become a better version of myself but I was struggling with his will for me, with my purposes I am meant to do here on earth, and how to overcome my laziness and the "not feeling like" disease that was overcoming me heavily. As I told him who I want to be by him and for him and to help me push through the uncomfortable. Of course I was more specific but you get the main idea.

That was on May 21st 2023. I expected God to get back to me later in the week or even later in the month just hoping it wouldn't be later in the year. Luckily it wasn't. The next day came and as my hubby and I were leaving the camp ground to go home I kept seeing the numbers 55 or 555. At first I just joked about it and said "Look 555!" Why I joked was because I have been seeing triple and double numbers for months, probably since January, and not just 555, I also have been seeing 222, 111, 333, 444 and etc. I haven't known why I keep seeing double and triple numbers and its not like I am looking for it or even thinking about it. I know lots say it's my spiritual guides who are with me and maybe it is, or even have heard that a chakra is opening up in me and I'm growing in my spiritual awakening. Either way that still doesn't answer what I need to know from it or why I keep seeing it, like what's the message right?

Anyways, after I joked about it, I saw the number 555 and 55 again, then again and again and I said okay. I think I am meant to look it up as I could feel it in the middle of my body and so I took out my phone and looked up 555. I looked at a few and they just did not resonate with me and I felt God tell me, keep looking, the one that resonates with you is the one. So I looked at a few more and there it was. It said; 555, God says you don't need to worry about the next step in your life, all you need to do is put your trust in me and work hard. I will place the right people along your path I have watched over you and will always watch over you.

I instantly got chills and knew deep down that this was Gods answer to the day before. It fit perfectly to what I was asking. For me to work hard means for me to do that when ever I feel lazy. Now you can argue saying well if you look for an answer you will probably find one that matches to what you are going through and you are right my friend. But you can't deny the urge that God gives you and the feeling you get inside when you know that, that answer was from God. It's something you just can't deny and you will only understand it once you have experienced it and fully believe it. God even answered me about not to worry about the next step in my life, I didn't even ask about that in my journal. I have been worrying about my next step quietly in my mind and haven't told anyone. That's how God clarifies that it was him and that this answer he gave me was from him and only him.

Another experience I will share with you was back in the beginning of 2021 when we were in search to buy our first home. I just accepted God and Jesus into my life and so I was new to the whole prayer thing. We were struggling to find a house that fit to our desires, we wanted an acreage, with enough bedrooms for when we have kids and two bathrooms with a finished basement and for it to not be over 350,000. We searched multiple homes on acreages but many of them were overpriced, in a weird area, right beside a nosy railway or the house was going to need a lot of TLC or to completely tear it down because it was more of a shack than a house and sometimes those ones were priced way to high. One afternoon I went alone to talk to God and I asked him, "Dear God, are we meant to find a home? If so please show us where we should live, please answer me by Thursday" I am also sure I told him what we had wanted in a house also I don't really know why I gave a timeline to God but I did haha.

After a few days went by a friend of mine sent me a house that was for sale. I gasped as I remembered my prayer to God and that my friend sent me this house on Wednesday, right before Thursday. I again knew God had answered me, telling me that yes, you are meant to buy a home. We went to see the house and it was in a nice town and the price wasn't too bad and had enough rooms, I liked the pictures and so my hubby and I went out to look at it. I fell in love with it instantly, especially the dining room. But it didn't have everything we wanted, the basement wasn't done at all, the house was a little weird with it's different levels and the rooms were tiny, not on an acreage but kind of since it wasn't too close to any other homes and there was only one bathroom but it also had a big garage for my husband that he had wanted as well. I wanted it so bad but still not sure why. We looked at it three times and even had my parents come look at it as well but then we were concerned that there may have been something wrong with house and there would be environmental issues and so we bowed out. I was upset and was tired of looking and so we decided to stop looking and maybe try again next year.

I swear it was like a day or two and then I saw a house for sale through Facebook. It was just the right price we had wanted, the house didn't look like a shack, it had all the bedrooms we wanted and it had three bathrooms, the basement was completely finished, a garage not huge but bigger than the one we had at our rental and a huge backyard but it was in a town and beside neighbors. I told my husband about it and we rushed to the town, the same town we had saw the other house the one that I had loved. We looked at the house and we started to really like it. We had my parents check it over and they approved it. Our realtors said that we could think about it but there was another couple who was interested.

We talked about it on the way home and the moment we go in the

door we said Yes to the house and it was ours! We learned from our realtor that if we said Yes five minutes later it would have been too late since the other couple said they had wanted it but it was too late since we had said yes. That was a close one but it was God. He had another house that is meant for them and this house was meant for us.

God put us through some trials to learn. But not only that he gave us more than we had asked for with the three bathrooms, a big backyard that feels like an acreage and an extra bedroom. Yes we wanted an acreage but God had us realize that wasn't time for us yet. We need to make an easier transition first before we just jump right in and to learn the trials of owning a home as well with a big yard.

We are happy with where we live, with the great neighbors we have and the atmosphere of the town is calm and relaxed and feels like we are at the lake.

God truly answers prayers. He may answer right away, he may answer later. I have had prayers where I had asked God for something and he answered years later. I've even been in periods where I felt God was silent and wasn't answering me at all so it felt. But what he is doing is telling me, you will know the answer in time but you are not meant to know it right now. Even if you love something like I had with that house didn't mean it was the right fit for us and now I am happy we didn't buy that home. We must remember that God knows what's best for us more than we think we know what is best for us. Like a mother or father is to their child.

Thank You for reading. I hope this has resonated with you or has helped you in your journey by just being able to relate or to believe that God really does answer.

Share with me of one time God answered your prayer, in the comments! I'd love to read them!

Reminder: That this blog and these posts are my own opinion, beliefs and journey and you don't have to apply anything that I have shared. I am just sharing what I have and am experiencing.

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