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Chapter Seven: Encounters with the Enemy

The Enemy (Devil) began to interfere with me once I decided to believe in God. I felt as if he was scared and that his tight grip was beginning to loosen and he was becoming desperate to bring me back to his level.

Today's post is about the previous encounters I've had with the enemy in my dreams and in real waking life that began to really show himself to me.

First in Encounter;

I was going through what they call the Dark Night of the Soul phase that one can go through in a Spiritual Awakening. The dark night of the soul is when one is feeling distressed and disoriented in our relationship with the bigger meaning to life and the creator, it affects one's worldview, beliefs, perspective, habits, thoughts, and relationships. It is meant to wake one up to life. It has often be confused with depression that can overlap but they are not the same. It's really just breaking away from our previous beliefs and the way we used to live life and now things are changing and that can scare or confuse the soul, mind and heart which can bring one to grieve the previous life we were once living but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing or it's wrong, it's actually for the better and that we all have to let go of what is no longer serving us anymore. But during this Dark Night of the Soul phase, I was being tested by the enemy.

One of the encounters was when I was feeling depressed or simply down in the dumps and I didn't want to get out of bed. My husband left for work and I was on my phone scrolling until he sent me a song that he had heard while driving, which was - Be Alright by Danny Gokey that also lead me to another one of his songs called Wanted that brought tears to my eyes since it really related with me and I felt this sense of Gods presence fill me up and I truly believed in him and then suddenly a loud forceful voice in my head said "NO I DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD". I was taken by surprise and for moment I listened to it but I knew it was not my own thoughts, I knew it was the enemy as I could feel his anger and fear. I shook my head and said "No, I do believe in God".

I found it kind of silly as to why would I feel God fulfill me and truly believe in him and then in a split second I all of a sudden didn't believe in him? That just doesn't make sense. The enemy was trying to speak for me and to convince me to not believe. It was something I never experienced before and will never forget the feeling.

Second Encounter;

I went to a business function and for the first time I truly wanted to attend the optional church service they have for the organization. Even my husband told me he was surprised I was looking forward to going since I usually never wanted to. I feel now that God instilled that feeling in me for that day for the reason I am about to share.

So we are listening to the pastor speak about Jesus and when it came near the end he encouraged people to stand and accept Jesus into our lives. I was struggling as we had our heads bowed and eyes closed as he said it. My hands were clasped together and were tightening as I was feeling uncomfortable with the idea of standing up to accept Jesus into my life, of course it was optional and the pastor was not forcing it upon us but I was feeling deep inside that I need to do this but my old ways were still interfering. I said in my head "I'm going to stand" and then right after I told myself that, once again a loud angry thought entered my mind saying "DON'T DO IT" I knew right then and there that was the enemy again and he was desperate to stop me. I opened my eyes and I stood up and felt rejoiced and knew that God was wanting me to choose him over the enemy.

My Dreams.

I am one for very vivid and detailed dreams that always comes with deep meanings and symbolism and if you know me you already know this as I share my dreams a lot ever since I was a child. I have even had a dream about Jesus for the first time which I had never had before I believed , but I will share that in a later post.

This dream I call: Heaven & Hell.

There was two doors and a mirror in between the doors.

The door on the left was Hell and the door on the right was Heaven.

There was a man in front of the hell door. I don't know who he was. The door was open to him and there was a dark red glowing ambiance coming from inside. The man had a bunch of boxes in front of him as he tried to push them through the door and then in a quick flash I saw the Devils face, it was to quick to have a detailed description but what I do remember is that it was a glossy red face and he was smiling. He snatched the man and the door shut hard. I was worried for myself. I didn't want to go to hell. My husband was standing on the right side of the room. We were both still alive. I saw myself in the mirror.

My Interpretation;

I Believe that dream was shown to me to tell me to not become materialistic like the man and that I cannot bring my treasures that I store here on earth with me to Heaven and not just that but to not choose my material possessions over God. I also think I dreamt this because of the battle I was having with the Devil and that I was in between Heaven and Hell because of my Spiritual Transition and that the mirror was about judgement on myself and that I need to change.

What do you think it could have meant?

Share in the Comments!

Second Dream; Heaven & Hell Part 2

I dreamt of being in a house with just a kitchen with a door that lead outside that has a window but covered with blinds and a living room with a huge square window with no blinds. Through that window I could see Hell clear as day and so I assumed that the kitchen window was Heaven. I felt afraid that I was on the living room side. I could hear screams coming from outside and I could see a red sky and flames. Then I saw the Devil coming towards me from outside, getting closer and closer to the window with that creepy big smile. I freaked out and woke up.

My Interpretation:

I think when I was dreaming this, the blinds on the kitchen window was telling me that I was blind to something or that the Devil was keeping me from seeing Heaven as I felt that he was taunting me in the dream.

What do you think this dream meant?

Share it in the comments!

Either way these dreams and the live encounters I've had with the enemy has just brought me closer to God and choosing him each time. Before I accepted God into my life I never had dreams or real life encounters like this before. I find it extremely interesting that once I began my Spiritual Journey that I began to experience things that I would have never thought would happen. I never believed in the Devil and I still didn't until I experienced those encounters and dreams that clearly was God telling me, that the enemy is real and the reason for him is to be fearful of him so as to go to God and do what is right and good and follow the commands God has for us so we can live an eternal life in Heaven. Because if you think about it, if we didn't have fear we wouldn't be motivated to change for the better. That's why if we have fear in anything is to use it to motivate us, not use it to hinder us and let it take away our hope.

Share in the comments: I'd love to know if you have encountered the enemy and what was your experience and what what your biggest lesson from it?

Reminder: That this blog and these posts are my own opinion, beliefs and journey and you don't have to apply anything that I have shared. I am just sharing what I have and am experiencing.

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2 Kommentare

Leah Braun
Leah Braun
10. März 2023

I’ve also had some very real dreams with Satan following me and trying to tell me lies… the Bible says that the Devil will flee at the name of Jesus, so in my dreams I am trying to say the name of Jesus out loud and I can’t, nothing will come out! It feels so real! I often wake up in a panic and try to catch my breath to just speak the name of Jesus. Once I do, I feel peace, I pray that Jesus will wipe that from my thoughts and let me sleep in peace. And He does!! I think we often don’t want to admit that there is a spiritual battle all day every day -…

Gefällt mir
Kaylee Buckingham
Kaylee Buckingham
24. März 2023
Antwort an

Wow! Thanks for Sharing! I love hearing other peoples dreams and I find it amazing that some people are able to know that they are dreaming and will know to say Jesus name. I have trouble doing that when I'm in a dream. But as you have said to say his name after you wake up. I will definitely will try that next time!

Gefällt mir
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